What is ValueCash all about ?

ValueCash is an Open Ledger Technology. It will be used basically for Commerce, Escrow and Exchange. ValueCash is a blockchain solution that is fast enough to process transactions on an immutable, decentralized ledger in a way that supports near-instant responsiveness for Internet-and-mobile based software. It will be based on Proof-of-Trade (PoT) and Proof of Stake (PoS) system (or protocol, or function) which will be an economic measure to deter denial of service attacks and other service abuses such as spam on the valuecash network by requiring some Trade Proof from the service requester.


What are the economics of ValueCash? Is there going to be a fixed monetary base?

  • Ticker: XVL
  • ValueCash Denomination: ValueBit
  • 1 trillion ValueBit = 1 XVL
  • Algorithm: PoT Protocol and Proof of Stake
  • Fixed transaction fee of 0.001% of any amount transacted
  • Total Maximum Supply: 18 million XVL
  • Pre-Mined Coin: 3.5 million XVL
  • It is a scarce token just like Bitcoin which can be transferred globally and exchanged to/from other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies via online exchanges, in-person transactions, etc.


    What Is the Minimum and Maximum XVL Token a Person can acquire during ICO?

    Contributors are expected to get minimum total ICO purchase of 10 XVL Token and maximum total ICO purchase of 2 000 XVL Token.


    What is the minimum deposit amount?

    Deposit what can buy the minimum of 10 XVL Token.


    Will I earn referral bonus for XVL?

    Yes, you will earn 5% XVL Token and 10% cash in bitcoin as referral bonus on any XVL tokens purchased by your direct referrals.


    Is there any Bounty Program?

    ValueCash has set aside 200 000 XVL Tokens as Special Bounty Program for the crypto community. Click the Bounty Section on the website to be part of the Bounty Program.


    What will the price of XVL be after ICO?

    You can be rest assured that no one but the demand and supply will determine the price of XVL, and our consistent workflow will gain the trust of XVL community which will lead to a sustainable price increase.


    How to buy XVL on ICO day?

    There are 3 steps that you should follow to buy XVL on ICO day

  • Register for membership at
  • Deposit BTC into your Wallet on
  • Buy XVL
  • +

    Where do I trade, buy and sell XVL after ICO?

    At the end of the ICO phases, you will be able to buy or sell XVL on ValueCash Internal Exchange and External Exchanges which will be listed after ICO.


    What if I make a deposit below the minimum amount?

    If so, the amount of BTC will not be added to your wallet. So you should be careful prior to depositing BTC into your wallet.


    Can I withdraw BTC after depositing BTC into wallet at

    All Deposit during ICO phases will only be available for withdrawal at the end of ICO.


    Can ValueCash be Trusted?

    We make our commitment in everything we do, our website, our logo, our marketing campaign, our roadmap, our strategy. We believe that everything we do can satisfy many people. Actions speak louder than words, therefore we will always do our best to make ValueCash go far beyond our member’s expectations .


    Can I change my sponsor?

    No, you cannot change your sponsor. So prior to member registration, you should be careful about your decision and choice of sponsor.


    Can I transfer my XVL coin to others during ICO?

    Yes. You can transfer any amount of your XVL Token to other members whenever you desire using User ID or Email Address.


    What should I do when I need your support?

    We are always available and accessible to support you at anytime you need us. Be rest assured we will reply you within the shortest possible time.


    Support information?

    You can read the white paper or the One Pager on our website for more details. All the information related to ICO, Development Timeline and other essential information will regularly be updated.

    Feel free to contact us by email at anytime if you require any further information.